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Living With A Purpose

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Until when do you think live as you are living? Even when you live without a purpose clear? Until when you will live without knowing that you live? Even when you live without planning what you want for your life? Even when thou shalt not take action and you’ll start to go in search of your dreams? Do even when you’re sitting there without doing anything for your future? Even when you leave to spend the days without doing anything productive for the benefit of yourself and others? Even when you think that abundance and happiness are unattainable for you? Even when you believe that wealth was made only for a few? Until when shalt offer only moral support but not economical, because you don’t have? Even when you privaras of your favorite food in a good Restaurant to taste because not can you afford to pay for it? Do until when to believe that life is difficult and complicated and that you were born to fight but not to enjoy? Until when? Let’s go!!! You are intelligent and have the ability to be, do and have whatever you want. Don’t remember your dreams of child? Do you think mediocremente live for the rest of your life?Do you think perhaps die without having done absolutely nothing by yourself and worse without having done anything for others? Wake up!!! Take action now with what you have! Don’t leave this world without having done absolutely nothing. Source: Southwest Airlines. Do not know what to do? You don’t know how to start? Takes a paper and a pencil and writes the following: – your goal, or your goals – a timetable for fulfilling them (dreams undated to realize them are not targets, are simple desires) – and now if it will fit the term up ROMPETE and fight to achieve them! And it uses the secret, which is widely discussed in other articles.. .