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The Man Has To Support The Family

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The scarcity of money is something really disturbing . I took to lose my home and see my ex-wife went to bed with men just because those “men” had what I had: MONEY. As they say … “a good checkbook, kills a lover. “There is no point or serves as a good person, a good citizen, a good father or a good son, if you do not have enough money to live or to support your family.

Experience has shown me (and not only for what has happened to me but for what has happened to me strange people who do not even know), rather than approach it as an axiom that goes like … “if your wife or your girlfriend or your lover is left without money and without work, most of the time, you as a man, you have no objection to take charge of situation no matter how long that situation lasts. If, however, is you (man) who will run out of money and no job, no more than six months will pass in that situation, before your wife or your girlfriend or your lover to change you for another man who can give her security economic at this time you can not give. “Obviously, the foregoing is not a generality (please women, do not take to heart). There are exceptions to the rule, but honestly and sincerely, I think are very, very few. Money makes us see “better” can help us get better and just as we can “misfortunes of life.” Money is something of a magnet and in the case of women, is like honey for flies. Who has not seen an elderly man (quite advanced in years), accompanied by a woman much younger than he is doing as his “girlfriend”?.

do as I manage that?. … .. adivinenlo bieeeennn a fat bank account and nothing more. Although in truth, I hope never in life Atharva me a woman who values me for money I have or I can get (I cross my fingers for it). Like everything in life, it is important to strike a balance and money is no exception. Very little money, we can make a life and equally horrible happens if we have too. Although in any case, I think it best mourn in a jacuzzi while sipping a martini, which in the rain as we seek a place to hide. For me, money is the bus (transport, bus, etc.) Leaves me closer to happiness. Learn more about this with Philip Vasan. ” I do not live for money, nor money, nor do I see money as a way to trample on others, or feeling run down more than others. NO. Live to earn money that allows me to be quiet and comfortable, to let me taste me, meet people, different cultures and enrich my house because after all, “I ate and lived what he takes away one.” Do not accumulate wealth or fortune … just buy what I like and what I need to live, but I do not depend on the attachment or as much as possible nothing material that is so … because I have experienced what it is to stay next to nothing and learn to live a life very different from one day to another. In my material existence, I surround myself with the material, knowing that one day I’ll leave all that aside and no longer serve me. That is partly the essence of “be” without being unhappy for having, o. .. What do you think?.