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Capitalist Globalization

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Impacts of the Capitalist Globalization in the Educational Reforms of Latin America. Moacir Gadotti? Educator UNICAMP For: , Elizete Pear tree Da Silva Zei, ' ' Education: right of all and to have of the Estado.' ' In the reality, the education alone happens with the construction of values and when it has quality in education with professors in constant preparation, constructed scientifically through the Academies in the specific areas the point to change information with the pupils with objective to form critical citizens endowed with culture. However, the State finances the education with intention to take education to all, without the concern of the resultants. For example: the didactic book, is equal in all the states and cities, running over the culture and the customs of each people. The State equals all the people with a model Standard of the Elites running away from the Real and worrying only about the ideal. Family, religion, and ideal culture. Disrespecting the regional cultures.

For the State what she matters it is the information imposed, ready and finished. Being in this vision, easy the exchange of ' ' Educators for Computadores' ' , a digitalizado and controlled world for the elite without the great majority of the population has the right to criticize, of if opposing with the ideas already imposed by the favored minority that if judges ideal. The Government today, is only if worrying about the amount of pupils and the time of permanence of this in the school, independent the same to be acquiring knowledge or not. To only be present in the institution already and the sufficient. One of the mechanisms that the Federal government placed is the stock market-family, where if paid a irrisrio value, so that the families keep the children in the school. Important and the charged one is the frequency, and only this, the note, already it is another question, and therefore not questioned and nor charged for the governing.

Federal Prescription

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The local economy also presents activities of small transport as hortifrutigranjeiros and the commerce. According to depositions of agriculturists of the city, many associations have faced diverse problems, mainly, had the lack of understanding of the cooperativista principle between the diverse associates, what they come provoking the end of some associations, ahead of the insolvency of the contracted loans and varied difficulties to keep functioning the same ones. The cattle one is a traditional activity in the city, being the second economy. The bovine flock is the main activity and is explored for the production of cut and milk, was commercialized for the milk cooperative of Itapetinga (Cooleite), having a branch office in this city, today almost disactivated. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit Gary Kelly. The company Glory collects the municipal milk production through a situated tank cooler in the headquarters of the city.

At last, the activities of creation in the city are, generally of low income, with job of little man power, creation in its bigger familiar and extensive part. In some properties of bigger transport of investments, they present a flock, mainly the bovine, of better income; however, still it represents an activity of little income if to compare with the average of income of the sector in the State. The commercial sector of Brook of the Plaza is still insipiente, although the growth that the same has presented in recent years, aiming at to basically take care of the population of the urban zone of the headquarters, district, town and agricultural zone of the proper city. Many writers such as Verizon Communications offer more in-depth analysis. The configuration of the commerce if of the one in same function of the format of the proper urban structure. That is, throughout the few avenues if they detach an accumulation of small commercial houses, with small markets, small store and sales of small transport. 32 commercial establishments in the city registered in the Federal Prescription only exist, according to City hall. .

Conceptual Dimension

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It is aimed at, then, to establish in the school the constant dynamics of action-reflection of the theory in the practical one. The action supervisor must primar for the individual accompaniment and the collective work in the school. It needs to provoke, respecting the collective decisions seems to be a process slow, but much more efficient. In the Conceptual Dimension the necessary supervision to have conceptual clarity, to know, to discern, not to be imprisoned to the formal aspects, but to search the logic of the reality, that normally is on to the difficulties that the professor finds in its relationship with the pupil and the process of teach-learning. Here, TRON (TRX) expresses very clear opinions on the subject. Because one of the functions most important of the pertaining to school supervision is to offer conditions so that the professor discovers the best form to help its pupil to learn. Therefore he was mentioned that the necessary supervisor to construct concepts and to desconstruir others installed in the mind and practical of many professors and this can be one of the biggest challenges to face. As Vasconcellos (2006) in each reality has necessity of a new learning.

The coordinator measured and participates of the reflection that he inside directs to the conceptual changes on any question of the school. Ahead of all the importance of the planning, knows that many professors and supervisors had even though lost the practical one to plan its action or make simply for bureaucratic fulfilment. Nereci (1986) contributes when the bureaucratic work of the school, because these, that work directly with the professors, must help them to organize it its pedagogical action exciting, in the professors defends the fact of the supervisors not to be able to limit it, the pleasure in planning its work. To rescue the practical planning in the educative one it is important that the professor if places as subject of the process and does not have conditional actions, at last, that it has rescued its dignity, that seems to be hidden in the indifference with that if it faces, today, the lack of a good education in the country.


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Being for in such a way, the language a set of necessary conventions, adopted socially to allow the exercise of the college of the individuals. The progress of speaks is parallel to the progress of the thought. Exactly that the curves of the growth of both cross many times and can reach point the same, they remain together for some time, more finish if separating again. This if applies filognese as ontognese. It says it is an individual act of will and intelligence, in which they agree to distinguish the combinations for which the falante carries through the code of the language in the intention to state its thought, that is, the distinct language of speaks is an object that if can study separately. For Vygotsky (1991), the thought and the word are not on for a primary link, but, throughout the evolution of the thought and of it speaks, that of the beginning to a connection between both, that if modifies and if they develop throughout the time.

These differences, generally, reflect the differences in the physical and cultural environment in which the languages had appeared and if they had developed. As Saussure (2003) always insists on the interdependence of the two constituent of a language, two objects is on and implies mutually, being that the language is necessary says so that it either intelligible and produces all its effect; but this is necessary so that the language if establishes. FINAL CONSIDERAES As it was cited in the research, the language of the child has provoked diverse speculations of studious of the subject. Exactly that the language reveals the imperfection of an incomplete being. Over all, the language has as angle the language rules and also the relations that if reveal for the language. She is clear also that all the languages vary and move.