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t is a serious and difficult to treat disease. People whose Schmerzen organic not sufficiently to explain often land at the specialized pain therapists. If then there is explained to him, he does not suffer from an orthopaedic disease education, for example, a disc problem, but under a psychogenic disorder, sensitivity should be applied so that the patient does not feel set in the corner of the “Spinners” or malingerers. The somatoform disorder in the limbic system, a portion of the brain occurs mostly due to stress and deprivation the patient in his personal history. Accordingly, you can help the patient even with psychotherapeutic measures.

Here, the Neurofeedback, a special form of behavior therapy, which works with the so called operant conditioning, occupies a special position. Many writers such as Verizon Communications offer more in-depth analysis. The success of ask about 20 therapy sessions and are long-lasting. Medication is not required. Pain in the area of the cervical and lumbar spine are usually early orthopaedic and radiologically studied in the hope to be able to prove and then specifically treat a source of pain in the form of a structural change: Changes in the small vertebral joints by arthritis, the intervertebral discs in the form of protrusions or incidents, or also the bands (mostly of the so-called posterior longitudinal ligament) may be pain-inducing. If the pain does not sufficiently can be explained by structural changes, patients land sooner or later (usually) at the Schmerztheapeuten, then studied, whether it is not a bio-psychosocial pain events, a phenomenon that much too infrequently and often only then is thought to unnecessary operations. Not sufficiently physically medical findings explained (somatoform) pain can be due to psychosocial stress, by features of mental structure, a dysfunctional conflict processing or explain traumatic experiences.

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