Queen Maria Carolina

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To date, the pizza – one of the most popular dishes in the world. Pizza was particularly prevalent in America, where he began to appear the world-famous pizzeria. However, not everyone knows that the history of this dish dates back to in the 3rd century BC – this indicates one mention of the Roman chroniclers of the 'flat circle of dough with filling, baked in stone'. At the same time for the preparation of fillings, used as honey and herbs – thus, Pizza was a something like a sweet cake. Widespread pizza was much later, around the 16th century, in Naples. In order to feed their families, local poor use of all available products – flour, tomatoes, bacon, olive oil and cheese.

Taste the quality of this pizza liking not only for them – later became a pizza baked in a local tavern, and every visitor to Naples could taste this wonderful dish. Then, already in the 18th century, pizza has come in the royal palaces – for example, Queen Maria Carolina d'Asburgo Lorena told to build a special oven for baking pizza, to treat their guests to her. In America, pizza was brought in the late 19th century came from Italy. Residents of the city of Chicago were among the first who has tried this delicious pizza. Later, this dish became known in North America, where some of the American soldiers who visited Italy during World War II, became open your own pizzeria. Now there are entire U.S.

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