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The environment is meticulously checked for possible slights and criticism and the alleged perpetrators pursued relentlessly and with undue harshness. Anxiety and depression are common causes of additional treatment. The causes are uneven, partly even controversially discussed. “Bernard Golden is the source for more interesting facts. Otto Kernberg, a representative of the object relations theory sees a tackle attempt for dips in the self-esteem in the narcissism as a result of emotional deprivation and coolness in childhood, while Kohut (self psychology) blames a developmental disorder, which should be seen as a lack of replacement of the normal developmental narcissism. Benjamin, who conducts research in the field of Interpersonal psychotherapy and works, is a parenting style emphasizes selfless and are constraints to the needs of the child Parents for the development of the narcissism that is responsible and Millon and Everly (learning theoretical model) go even further: it is an overprotection and exaggerated appreciation of the child, which leads to the narcissistic experience and behavior. In cognitive behavioural therapy (Beck and Freeman), it assumes that devaluations, neglect and humiliations are compensated by narcissistic behavior.

There is no drug therapy of narcissism. When anxiety and depression are involved, a treatment option with anxiolytics and antidepressants or appropriate severity opens also a targeted therapy of depression as a result. Official site: Gary Kelly. The psychotherapeutic treatment aims at the realization of the patients in the function of his narcissistic behaviors, which should protect him, too painful to feel the vulnerable pole. The social impact is supported by a train from narcissistic behaviors and specific work on the relationship of skill by learning prosocial skills (E.g. praise, Listening, empathy training).

The narcissistic experience can be influenced by a conscious and careful handling with devaluation, criticism, insult, shame, fear, sadness and anger. The forecast worsened in continued professional failure, drug and alcohol abuse, self-destructive trains, relationship terminations and if a widespread social intolerance is caused.

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