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Finally, no managemental system can prosper without a lined up system of public education. If our human assets will be each time more the key for the global competitiveness, then area of bigger leverage of what does not exist the development of people through the education of high quality. (SENGE, 2000, P.

15) – Cortella (2009), in the book ‘ ‘ Which is your workmanship? ‘ ‘ it presents a work vision on which all administrator must reflect: The idea of necessary work as punishment to be substituted by the concept to carry through a workmanship. … I see in what I make and not about what I think. … I have to see the project that I make as my workmanship. Of the opposite, it occurs what Marx called alienation: all the times that I eye what I made eat not being or not belonging me, I become insane. I am other people’s.

Therefore, I do not have recognition. … (CORTELLA, P. 17-22, 2009). Alert also on the necessity of the work to be a pleasant activity. For Cortella (2009, p.21) … ‘ ‘ To work tires, but not necessarily necessary to generate it estresse. This has to have with result, work has always to see with resultado’ ‘. 5. METHODOLOGY the used method to guide the steps of the research will be the inductive one? deductive – inductive, using the analysis of the process of practical? theory – practical in the pertaining to school management, therefore, it will leave of the diagnosis of the practical one of the administration of the searched schools, searchs authors who can corroborate with the studies and the proposals of solution of the problem, answers for the central question of research and the questions of inquiry, and the confirmation, or not, of the elencados estimated hypotheses and for the scientific inquiry.

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