Mallorca DJ Willi

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“” The new single from Markus Stalla – our boat made a hotelier a singer “, our boat was the first statement on Facebook by hit producer Oliver DeVille (including hands to heaven”) to Markus Stallas debut single”. Markus Stalla, which expire from small on the music was, a Music Studio in the basement has his hotel’s policy time for his hobby he wasn’t occupationally but unfortunately. This should change soon. Through contacts in the scene, as well as on short visits of his longtime friend Mallorca DJ Willi on the beer road, he hit producer Oliver DeVille (including Chris Roberts, PAT, Whigfield, etc.) met, a household name for many party productions, among others due to his unmistakably powerful party sounds. The project and the title emerged out of this friendship, our boat”. The title song not without reason. Since early childhood and youth, Markus Stalla, even boaters on the water with the powerboat is on the road, preferably on the sea.

The idea for the first title was born. Markus Stalla works alongside his producer and the Agency of Beverly in Cologne, together with help and advice he is entitled and artistically cared already on episode titles, which will appear in the near future. Let me drive the boat! Maybe it creates in future on Mallorca or in Golden Sands. Until then, source: Villa Productions

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