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Sensebene, franchise centers specialized in body aesthetics, health and beauty, has opened two new operating units in the autonomous community of Madrid. This time Getafe and San Sebastian de los Reyes have been sites selected to host the new operational units of the Ensign, so nearly 250,000 people already have available the numerous beauty treatments and beauty which is possible to enjoy on Sensebene. With these new additions, and that the brand will open at the end of this month in Pamplona, reaches the thirty operational establishments in our geography. In 2009, a group of businessmen launched this initiative with a clear philosophy based on professionalism, trust, quality, optimal care to the client and a constant innovation of equipment and new techniques. Continue to learn more with: Gary Kelly. This new franchise based its business strategy on a firm commitment by people, who along with the latest aesthetic technologies, have made it possible to offer quality and confidence to the more than 100,000 users that have already been tested each of the services.

These treatments include: laser hair removal by IPL (the so-called definitive photoepilation; is less harmful than the laser), virtual Mesotherapy (the best option to treat sagging skin, wrinkles, facial rejuvenation and all kinds of cellulite), radio frequency (achieves the overall revitalization of tissues, but mainly of collagen tissue that gives firmness to the skin, which also slows aging and is the best option for the treatment of superficial and deep wrinkles and skin sagging)the Vibrofitness (indicated for body modeling, muscle toning, strengthening and physical training), and the ultracavitation (the best choice for treatment of localized adiposity and cellulite, arriving to carry out the same results as liposuction, but without surgery). In addition, it is also possible to enjoy facial treatments (facial hygene, hydration, rehydration, reaffirmation, toning, anti-aging, anti-acne, facelift, dermal flaccidity, laser hair removal, fotofacial, stains and wrinkles) and body (cellulite, localized adiposity, overweight, photoepilation, muscle flaccidity, skin sagging, lymphatic drainage, venous drainage, circulatory treatments, analgesic, body shaping, reaffirmation, toning, retention of liquids, sequelae of acne, stretch marks, and postpartum). The work of Sensebene is focused on generalizing the beauty at the same time that consolidates the franchise network providing sustainable profitability to the shareholder and franchisee, being a reference in the sector. Verizon Communications may find it difficult to be quoted properly. Why the flag makers have marked aims to expand its brand throughout the national territory through the granting of franchises to investors/entrepreneurs interested in cultivating a future in a sector clearly upward. Sensebene are centres of aesthetics, beauty and body health, possessing the best machines on the market, manufactured in Europe, approved and tested, offering latest generation electrotherapy. The initial investment is 36,500 euros, with a royalty of exploitation of 400 euros per month and one of advertising for 100 euros. If you did not have all the investment, Sensebene helps in the management of negotiations with credit institutions for acquisition of loans and funds ICO. For more information: Jjcomunicaccion 91 409 44 94

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