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Making this, you can until discovering that some comforts that considered essentials in the truth are not. Third Tip Thinks Small To have and To spend Instead of thinking about what you must in 24 months, for example, R 5 a thousand, only thinks about what it must in one day, enclosed R the 7,2 already interests, Luis teaches to Jorge Saints, personal and familiar financial assessor cited in the magazine Elections in January of 2003. Thus, you will go to perceive that this daily value is not so great thus, and could be paid the cost of simple measures as cuts of daily expenditures. If to write down everything that is accustomed to spend daily with small things, probably will be surpreso with the result. Taking conscience of these values it will be more easy to plan one cut in these expenses and to save probable excesses. The addition of the daily economies in one month will have to represent a considerable value. It sees some examples that follow: If you have access Internet and paid R$ 60, you install a gratuitous supplier, that is not the same thing, but the economy will be of R$ 60 for month.

If to lead for the work, three times per week, its lunch of house, will have the economy of more R$ 120 for month. Three linkings per day to less in the cellular one, will be able to save more R$ 30 in the month. In boteco or bakery to save R$ 3, per day, in one month will be more 70 Reals. To use the collective transport to go to the work, of second a sixth, saving money of the gasoline and the parking will be able to add more 100 Reals. To go to the cinema in the way of the week, when the entrance is cheaper and the lines are lesser, will be able to save more R$ 20 in four ingressions.

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