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Lists the criteria by which I create my online tutorials: Electronic textbook should give the student to view and listen to video tutorial on the subject under study, in the electronic textbook should show all show, all the experiences necessary to master the topic, e-book should give ability to conduct virtual laboratory, in the electronic textbook should be video tutorials problem solving, in an electronic textbook to be the game corresponding to the theme lesson; electronic textbook should enable the student to go from simple to complex, and this in a textbook inspection practice tests need to be on several levels, electronic textbook should allow the teacher if needed to automate the process of learning in the classroom, under the full control of your computer. Now, will share experience in creating electronic textbooks. The first e-book I created at the rate of grade 10 science, the textbook Semakina. It was my first experience and in many respects not very good. What software I used to create it? The shell of the electronic textbook, I create using the E-Publish constructor school sites." This program is distributed in the schools of our region free, so you and I applied.

The program allows you to create sites, including the optical disk and run them automatically. Daniel Lubetzky is full of insight into the issues. To create video tutorials I used the program Camtasia Studio. It allows you to record everything that happens on the screen computer, add sound effects. Practice Tests can be created using "designer school sites," and many other programs.

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