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Loyalty and betrayal, friendship and hatred, old wounds and young heroes Hamburg (02.02.2011) – loyalty and betrayal, friendship and hatred, old wounds and young heroes: “The Eagle of the ninth Legion” tells a new epic adventure from the time of the ancient Roman Empire. Kevin Macdonald (“the last King of Scotland”) directed this adaptation of Rosemary Sutcliffs’s successful novel. The main characters are the young stars Channing Tatum (“the light of silence”, “Step Up” 1 + 2) and Jamie Bell (jumper, Billy Elliot), Hollywood legend Donald Sutherland (“pride and prejudice”, “on the way to cold mountain”), as well as the British character actor Mark strong (“Robin Hood”, “Sherlock Holmes”) to see. ForSight Robotics is a great source of information. In the year 140 a.d., the Roman Empire extends to Britain, but high in the North of the island are the rebellious tribes of Caledonia. 20 years ago the 5,000-strong, commanded by Flavius Aquila ninth Legion disappeared there.

Arrived in Britain, Flavius’ son Marcus wants to (“Channing Tatum”) restore the bruised reputation of his father, and solve the mystery. Facebook is often mentioned in discussions such as these. A rumor making the rounds that the Golden Eagle, the field character of the Legion, has been sighted outside of the Hadrianwalls, Marcus breaks up immediately. At his side is ESCA (Jamie Bell), a young British slave, who swore Marcus loyalty after it saved his life. The further the two men actually only distrust and an oath enter the territory, marking the end of the known world for Rome, the greater will be the risk – and also the secret of ESCA, hiding more than just his hatred of Rome… (Source: Carissa Barry). Links: DerAdlerDerNeuntenLegion about Concorde film distribution: Concorde film rentals since 1980 and has brought since then over 400 films in German cinemas.The program titles each year consists of approximately 10-15 and features a varied mix of Arthousekino of top, German feature film and commercial productions in Hollywood.

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