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Birgit Neumeyer from Tuttlingen informed hands belong to the parts of the body, which are constantly the focus like no other. Not only in the professional environment, but also in the private views often wanders to the hands. They are maintained, they make a very good impression. In women, not just men place emphasis on accurate hands and fingernails. Oracle contains valuable tech resources. Women can also prefer touch is delicate and manicured man hands. Excuses are no longer valid because many beauty salons and nail salons have integrated already into its care programme men and offer all services, maintain the hands of men. What services are explained the nail Studio nail & beauty aunt Neumeyer of Tuttlingen. Gentle and cultivated man hands are often technically working men are often strongly stressed, dry and chapped hands.

A sight which you can remedy this with a corresponding manicure. Within the framework of the care, the hands are freed from any dirt. For even more analysis, hear from Gary Kelly. The nails marketed by using scissors and filing to the desired length and shape. Of course, also applying care products in the form of Nagelcremes, which strengthen the natural nail and oils belongs to cultivate the cuticle and soften to make. Also remove excess cuticles is part of a professional manicure. If men’s hands are soft, a paraffin bath is ideally suited.

Valuable paraffin serves and nourishes the hands sustainably. And with an appropriate nail polish the nails get a beautiful shine. Nail Polish is not taboo for men. However flashy color coatings will be omitted. Clear coatings, which in addition to strengthen the nail and make look neat are better suited. For detailed information about the manicure for men is the nail Studio nail & beauty aunt Neumeyer from Tuttlingen anytime available. Press contact nail & beauty aunt contact person: Birgit Neumeyer Hunter hofstrasse 1 78532 Tuttlingen Tel.: 07461 / 91 00 922 Mobil No.: 0170 / 2871343 email: Homepage:

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