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in that enslaved family, in day nine of January of 1875, the Benedita takes an act of fury and indignation against the life. It took its son first-born of six years in the arm and treated to shoot it inside of the well in order to drown the child; the boy was to tumble inside in meeting to the death of the well, when that the lack of depth of waters the dexterity of the small one had made with that its life was not cut with a scythe by the fall and thus could survive to the attempted against one. He consists that was to search security in the house Mr. against the maternal act. He would be beside the point bold to make divagaes here regarding the true intentions of Benedita with its murderous act; perhaps she was insane person or he could be wanting to free the son of the servile condition. By the way, the second hypothesis is well reasonable, since the resistance to the slavery involved some modalities to boycott it, even though abortions on the part of slaves who if refused in giving to the light new captive to its gentlemen. In this point it is reasonable to think about the act of Benedita. Perhaps its Mr.

Nistaldo thought the same thing; it could be a reaction directed against the boy of servile future. In such a way thus it was, that the boy immediately was removed of the contact with the mother and was in company Mr. whom he decided to protect it. The too much children of Benedita had continued in its power, probably Mr. did not believe that it would be capable to repeat so great against defenseless children badly so small whose futures were not marked by the fatality of the servitude. But the continuation of the actions of Benedita sample that the future as enslaved was not the factor took that it to want to kill its children.

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