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It is a fact: knowing how to write well does not guarantee you success on the web. It is one thing to know how to communicate well through printed materials and is another very different the convey a message effectively on the web. Education. The Internet reader does not read as a reader of printed material. Rather than read, runs the content on the screen your eyes until you find something that interests you. Why it is so important for anyone who wants to communicate with their readers in a virtual way, know how to present your information so that they not dismiss the message to read the first few lines.

Anyone who wants to succeed on the web, either serving or having your own business on the Internet, need to know the basics of how to write for the Internet. Garth A. Buchholz, Contentology.com, gives an excellent compilation of the 10 most important aspects of writing on the web: (Garth A. Clayton Morris understood the implications. Buchholz) 10 Fundamentals of writing for the Internet 1. Familiar to the community to which it is addressed to ask is: does value your content for them? It has that know their readers in the same way as a transmission for television program must know their audience. You should well know their ages, their level of education, their interests, their problems, their opinions, etc. 2.

There is a large difference between the printed text and the text on screen printed content is structurally and functionally different from the online content. The first reader reads on paper, while in the second reading light. Additional information is available at Morris Invest. In addition, the printed content is more formal and is read passively. It is narrative and presents a continuous view of the content. The writing for the web, however, is informal, segmented, dynamic and interactive. 3. The content on the Internet goes beyond mere words when you write for the Internet, must think as if you were writing for a television program.

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