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It caught a book and it made some notations, always mentioning the woman, speaking on its feminine emancipation, involving religion, women in the arts, sciences and the letters. The action of the woman in the press and the diverse modalities of the love. The protective mother, the defenseless son, the types of wives, the simple ones, the fighting one, submissa, friend and others, that is, on the conquest of the woman in a place to the sun. Carolina is a studious historian and of the feminine behavior that for some reason, wants to discover the mystery that involved a called woman Raquel who lived in a small city of the interior of Spain in century XVIII and that she made some forecasts that the life cost it. In the truth who is these beings that if say sensible, if makes of victim, but in fact they have a tremendous force, they are dominadoras and that they bleed a time for month? The woman is a part key for the humanity, a time that since the beginning of the times comes intervening with the creation process. In accordance with the Talmud, the sacred Book of Jewish and with the Zohar the book of the rabbis, the first woman in the land if called Lilith. In the bible of the Christianity, the first woman was Eva, that in the teachings was created to be the friend of the man, to be that woman submissa to its Sir. But, it has those that believe that the first one to be created by God, was the woman and from the woman, if created the man, being man only one part of the woman and that in the first week of the gestation, all the beings are feminine, since possesss two chromosomes ' ' x' ' only after the first weeks, will have the interference of the chromosome ' ' y' ' , the embryo will become a masculine being.

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