Was By Claudia Lessel, Because Chic Must Be!

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Was by Claudia Lessel, because chic must be! There was beautiful and perfectly crafted from the Measurement Studio of Claudia Lessel. Here the perfect outfit for your practised sport revolves around. Often not perfect fit was off the rack and an imperfect fit interferes with the concentrated practice and demonstration of rehearsed movements very. Body-hugging cuts with character-driven realisation of your color wishes to measure, can be created also for gymnastics teams, groups or clubs. Material requirements and design of course in full their predetermined parameters according to, can be realized by the individual production of was. Gladly, we equip and her team, her gymnastics group or their club.

There is not a minimum quantity for the production, you may order a piece very gladly. When was lessel.de, you can rightly expect the best and most suitable materials and processing qualities. With uncompromising care Was made and meet the highest standards of athletes and athletes. Velvet, elastane, high quality polyester fibers and other tissues of beautiful colours, give the entire Leotard program of the House Lessel the required functionality in complete synergy with an excellent appearance and the absolute highest levels of comfort and improved fit. This was lessel.de top quality is really affordable and often even very cheap. A look at our extensive online catalog for was convinced Turner and gymnasts very quickly away. Our processing time for your order is approximately two weeks. BereitsFr delivers your personal order free of charge additional shipping them home was lessel.de orders amounting to only 99.

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