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Although both the developers and third-party companies are making attempts to construct a special index files for such purposes. One such freeware components is SharpMap 2. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of Chаrlіе Lee on most websites. It allows you to perform all necessary actions when working with geographic information data, but as the tests show the amount of memory consumption and performance is poor, in addition component is distributed with the lgpl, which is not very desirable for commercial development, as when changes are required to supply the source code. Geo-information system involves the possibility of change the map scale, as well as moving and searching for map objects, which causes a number of technical problems, such as downloading has not loaded areas, unloading irrelevant information, etc. Preliminary tests showed unacceptable performance when using the library SharpMap, so it was decided to import mapping information in the database. As the database at the initial stage it was decided to use Microsoft sql Server Compact Edition 3.5 3. This database is vstraevaemoy the application, supplied VisualStudio 2008, has no restrictions on distribution, provides a good performance can be easily replaced by almost any other dbms provides better performance, such as Microsoft sql Server 2008 4. This solution is very flexible, because allows the segmentation of the product, ie version of the program is not designed to work in a network can use the local database with maps, and a network version of the map is stored on a central server that has several advantages, such as a light upgrade. Once a written procedure for importing from files shp format in the database and the first results to display map information, there was an overwhelming desire to compare the different built-in database performance.

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