Vegetarian Diet

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Lewis, a strict vegetarian since age 12, prohibited to include any product that comes from an animal in your catering and until the workers bring home meat.The team accompanying the British singer Leona Lewis is angry with the artist because, according to denounce, they can not eat meat during the tours although singer order caused no amazement at people who know her since she was 12 years, time from which only eats vegetarian food, his team already it is tired of not being able to eat food that appeals to themnot even outside the workplace. To broaden your perception, visit Lisa Scullin. She has commissioned vegetarian food for everyone, and its employees threaten to quit his job. (Not to be confused with CDC!). Not even allowed to buy food out, are part of the statements that appear on the Internet, which come from sources close to the singer. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Mina Nada has to say. For its part, the singer Gabriella Cilmi, who will be the opening act at the concert of Lewis, he said: what I know is that the food is going to be vegan (diet that avoids all foods of animal origin) and I’m not sure of being able to cope with it. Some statements of their employees are looking for fans of the singer to know that it is not fair to them, even the team pointed out that Lewis is out of control, in addition to highlight that it is very despot with them.

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