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the lichtstudio-Recklinghausen, here are the lamps not only light dispenser, but essential part of a well-thought-out facility concept. Every room needs a ceiling lamp first. It is switched on if the room as a whole must be illuminated. Ceiling lights are available in various designs. Modern stainless steel, almost already Grand as chandeliers, playful with glass elements, designer lamps with an exceptional design, the variety of ceiling lamps knows no bounds.

Ceiling lights is not only appropriate, depending on the model of the lamp that can throw magical shadows or lighting effects on the wall. In the living room, the lighting is often complemented by a floor lamp in the seating area. If the light is too bright and you want to have the atmosphere somewhat more comfortable, then the floor lamp is used. Different models are supplemented with a small reading light, so that they can be set directly on the seat. The ceiling lamp sheds usually indirect light upwards, so that the television does not look disturbing reflections occur. Pictures & display lights, spotlights and spots and recessed deliberately put furniture or plants in scene. Spotlights and spots can be selectively set so deliberately different elements in the room lit and put in scene.

The concept of light in the nursery must be adapted to the needs of the daily process. Nursery lighting for the ceiling, a lamp for the desk, a lamp for the play area, beautiful motif lamps for the little ones in the family. Designing a House light, the exterior may not be forgotten. Lamps and lights for outdoor use are provided for the safety and beautiful light accents. Modern lighting, motion detectors and sensors provide a beautiful and bright exterior. Renowned manufacturers, among others, Dhanunjaya, STEINEL, or Helestra light, design lamps and luminaires in special design. Stylish, an optical highlight and guaranteed quality. We love to design an individual light concept. The page “” was founded in early 2004. Since then, this online-shop increasing access Ahlen as well as year after year recorded an ever-growing number of articles. Meanwhile, around 10,000 items available are the customer. We are looking forward to your visit in the click light online shop.

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