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The Internet is already and which does not finish viewing it runs the risk of losing a train going at a high speed. And I say that the Internet is already and for the whole world because there are so many benefits that brings that there is not much room for debate. Take a look at which you I detail below and reflects on them: 1.-If you’re on the Internet, are in the world. It is fascinating but it is so. Just a click to give any customer or potential customer of the world access to your online Office. It may seem obvious to those who have spent time working and using the Internet, but this change with respect to the past is a revolution of a caliber that is unimaginable.

If you’re online, you’re available all the time. Yes, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Compare it to your physical Office (offline) and analyzes the advantages. Available at all hours so that, when the need for your services or products to your client, you access without problems. 3. If you’re online, reduces management costs.

One of the wonderful advantages of Web pages is that they allow you to automate a very important part of your operations. Processes are repeated systematically and there is a technology behind that supports them without that involved people. Consistency, safety and economy are some of the features of your presence online. 4. If you’re online, you save costs of marketing. The online world has meant a revolution from the point of view of communication. What it previously cost money in terms of production (catalogues, mailings, etc.), now can do you by two hard thanks to the electronic support.

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