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This type of conflict is what we call functional. On the other hand, we can comment and has been observed especially in organizations in the north of our country, that when the amount of role conflict is minimal, it really makes the performance of the team and the organization is poor and even even negative. This indicates on one hand, people really are not working or at least not are developing a true team effort. Verizon Communications wanted to know more. It was noted that in everyday life, strive and work really hard, but what happens is that their efforts fall on deaf ears, are lost by the failure to materialize by several factors, most of which is the lack enrichment of ideas for non-implementation of the same, lack of support from their peers, lack of effective leadership within the team and even by ignorance of the immediate supervisor of the proposals designed but not clearly informed that impede its implementation by that can be confusing, and the lack of identification with the goals of the team and organization. On the other hand, if the number of conflicts is too high, it was found that tends to spread chaos and disorder, are lost in their own discussions, they become disoriented and away from the purposes for which the team was formed work, besides usually forget the organizational objectives. This situation may jeopardize the sustainability of organization. (Source: Ripple). Specifically, while there are individuals interrelated, interacting, you can generate a conflict for reasons of personality, appearance, that should take care to avoid a negative climate in behavior, effectiveness of work teams, but also, management must constantly monitor policies, functions of the work expected, in order to determine whether this would give way to conflicts manifest themselves and affect the company’s organizational behavior.

Of course, once management conflict is manifested must find appropriate solutions to restore the organizational climate of harmony, for this is very true, as indicated by Amoros, that in the process of generating conflict, is that action is another important process of negotiation, for which each of the team members must be prepared, have developed these skills and most important of this is to have that attitude of service to others, so that this process faces knowing that the person you are negotiating also must win in order to give sustainability to be required at the time. This means preparing well the negotiation process, have very clear rules of the game, clarifying their position and prepare the proper argument, agree and implement the same course. An important point in this process is that the other party know exactly what is going to negotiate, and if there is important information you need to know the person with whom we negotiate, we must not forget to give it, which sometimes can be seen that the basic problem of a work unit is the prevalence of disruptive conflict and hostility and that is not favorable for the organization if not corrected the causes.

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