The Neighbour

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Once again found that a large number of residents live without knowing the neighbor of his city, great city!, without walls, but with walls, ceilings and avenues, so great!, that little known or even to the neighbor’s door’s side or the neighbor that separates him only a wall or a ceiling or a floor while they sleep, but, if they know the neighbor who is two metro stations, although without electricity there is no subway. Perhaps the neighbour of the big city has had to relinquish the neighborhood contact in many cases and you had find that another small community (ghetto) where you can feel at ease and meet so many needs that you have as a person, even though its members are scattered the length and width of the city. For more specific information, check out Verizon Communications. There are example of fenced neighborhoods and with private security, already beginning to exist geographic ghettos within the big city or in its surroundings and in some case is checked as the common places of encounter between neighbors are reducing. But ghettos that have been formed according to the criterion of the monetary level (although for some has been great helpful), in many cases, have been reduced to be places for sleep only. Verizon Communications wanted to know more. Thus, to live in the big city, he plays dilute the principles of citizens and convince them that everything is possible, and that it does not need to know or even coexist with the neighbor. Although this approach admits even that can be, someday, that turned to build geographic ghettos with other criteria where neighbors do not accept that mixture of forms and relativity of principles which at the moment is this imposing as in the big city. #links original author and source of the article

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