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The Impact discloses productive biological the area necessary to supply aquantidade of foods, materials and energy consumed by each pas’ ‘ (DUCHE (2002, P. 41). Bissio (2000) salient that it lacks to will politics, when seafirma that they lack resources for investments in ambient projects. Asdecises in the ambient area is non-separable to the decisions politics. Meioambiente is the spring of all the resources> natural that they provoke the progress eamparam the life in the Land, being in this universal way, without borders, responsible for a global, participativa and informed civil society, quedefende flags that do not say respect to a country in particular, but world-wide populao, representing in definitive, all the people. Mendes (2008) supports that: The process of the form as it comes being fact, has finished ambienteou with it, in other words, destroyed the planet Land and the Nature. Studious doassunto said a time that is more difficult the world to finish due to guerranuclear or a extraterrestrial invasion (or one another catastrophe any) of quepela destruction that we, human beings, are we provocandoem our planet.

Most of the individuals, to the agreement of etal Leroy (1997 apud I REBEL, 1998), not only agrees that the current style deexplorao of the natural way if finds depleted and is definidamenteinsustentvel, under the economic and ambient point of view, but, poroutro side, in what it refers to social justice, few indispensable measures to paratransformar the economic, social institutions and politics, which deramsustento to the style in the present time, are adopted. The maximum that if has made to utilizar the support notion to introduce what it is equivalent the ambient umarestrio in the process of capitalist accumulation, without facing, institucional osprocessos and politicians who regulate the property, the control, oacesso and the use of the natural resources. The sustainable development implies in the sprouting of ecological umaconscincia created from an education model, being chavepara the inversion of the values of the society, in direction to a new order econmicaque understands, with the same importance degree, the environment and the future.

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