The 2001 Vintage Car Rally Sitges

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A classic race for real classic car lovers that was vintage car rally in Sitges 1959 founded thanks to an initiative for the promotion of tourism in Sitges. The real reason to promote wa social events during the flat winter months in Sitges. The first race was held on 8 February 1959 and 23 cars were involved. Since then, the rally has been held annually since 1959. In the first years, the rally was performed during the Carnival days, but since 1988, the date was set on the first Sunday in March.

Today, the rally traditionally is one of the most important social events during the winter in Sitges. However, the start in the square of San Jaume in Barcelona will take place. Thousands of people all over the world take part in the race, to admire the authentic vehicles. There are participants from Spain, France, England, Belgium, Italy, Portugal, the Netherlands, Poland and the United States. Meanwhile, the number of participants has increased to 80 classic cars. Some of the cars are genuine museum pieces, the can be used for a few hours without complexes.

The Barcelona-Sitges rally is not only a test of strength for cars, but all participants dress according to the time. For this reason, the first prize of the rally as the Grand Prize for elegance is called. The prices are trophies of the communities, the Government and the provincial Council of the tourist development of Sitges. For the visit of the rally it is to visit also the city Sitges, accordingly we recommend a look at the Web page of holiday rentals in Sitges. The next race will take place in mid March 2011. Start the classic from the Plaza de San Jaume in Barcelona, thereby driving along the old coast road to Sitges. It is a classic route through the streets of the Catalan capital and along the coast of Garraf. Sitges is a small Catalan town about 35 kilometers southwest of Barcelona. It is known for its annual Film Festival, Carnival and tourism for homosexuals. The Centre of the economy of Sitges is located mainly on the Tourism and culture. On Saturday, the day before the race, you can see the cars in the Park of the Ciutadella in Barcelona. It is a recommended event and you should necessarily early book an accommodation in Barcelona. Accordingly, you can take the train to start on Sunday in the square of San Jaume to Sitges to arrived in time to be. Because it is not a race to the speed of the car, but the quality of the race, the champion more by the quality of the cars, the clothes of the driver and additional points depends on.

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