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A limitation of the individual collections, jewelry and accessory series increase the exclusivity and the desire. The clothes and the jewelry series produced in the own factory with love to detail. Couture collections in the area of evening wear, bridal wear and Dirndl fashion, as well as jewellery and accessory series for the evening wear and bridal area are planned for the years 2014-2015. TaliBoelt Dirndleria Couture & jewellery all the noble Dirndl of designer Tali AMOO are special individual luxury. The luxury Dirndl and bride Dirndl are designed with attention to detail in his own Studio and produced in the own TaliBoelt manufacture according to highest quality standards. Only the best materials and substances are used. The dirndl are also available on request as a unique, individually designed and tailored.

The Dirndleria collection of designer Tali AMOO includes luxury Dirndl and wedding Dirndl for women and children Dirndl for the little ladies. The luxury Dirndl for women emphasize the femininity of the wearer apart and luxury. A low-cut top, which emphasizes the female forms, supports the glamorous female appearance. The noble optics and tastefully combined colors the TaliBoelt Dirndl let you stand out from the crowd with an own individuality. The outline in the waist accentuated the shapes of women and allows the installation of noble hooks, eyelets, chains, laces, ribbons or jewellery.

Fine details such as silk flowers, feathers, grinding, lace or ruffles, partially finished in crystals, making the extraordinary look complete and allow an individualization of the luxury clothing. The TaliBoelt Dirndl for women are very classic 3-piece from a Dirndl blouse, a Dirndl Dress and a Dirndl-apron. The TaliBoelt kids Dirndl outfitted with a noble appearance of an independent and child-friendly comfortable wearing comfort. They are manufactured from highest quality materials as the Dirndl for women. Tali AMOO TaliBoelt designer Couture & jewellery designer Tali AMOO has her fashion label founded TaliBoelt Couture & jewellery in 2006.

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