T-Punkt Kitzingen

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Many people know the problem. Telekom has in recent years more and more T-disbanded items as they have been expected after the opening of the DSL market barely. The T-stores in large cities are in favor of full, long waiting times the norm. Customers will only shift to the order hotline or even the Internet if they do not want to wait forever to finish a T-Mobile contract or a DSL application. Similarly, switching to the competition is a stopgap measure. Recently, however, more and more retailers recognized this problem and take over the former T-points and the Telecom approach and become so-called telecom partners. There is then the full range of business services including telecommunications dt. The advantage for customers is obvious. Instead of driving several miles in the next T-point, he receives the full service on site – the same rates, the same action. Also open to the local partner is usually more time is available there because of low rents rarely accrue more staff and waiting times.Even with mobile business customers under contracts can be cared for if the dealer has a sufficient basic knowledge of the wholesale rates. A brief inquiry can be worthwhile – advice and support on site, shorter distances and fast processing are the rule. Also among the personal contact for corporate clients usually more than the price. Such a telecom partner has now fully dressed in Kitzingen in magenta. The company has set up Somorowsky to 50m completely new. The facility is fully provided by the German Telekom. T-Mobile and T-Com, furniture installer, a magenta-colored “T” lights up the path. T-Mobile or Deutsche Telekom customers do not have to drive miles and miles still be around to advise. Sometimes the good is not so far away.

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