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Find personalized photo gifts for mother’s day Lasse you inspired by my three favorites of the mother’s day gifts for 2011. This year is ready for personal and original photo gifts for mother’s day. 1st photo photo cube are just incredibly creative and unusual gift ideas for mother’s day. Six of your favorite photos or even designs such as, for example, the self-painted image of the daughter created unique photo gifts. Available in different sizes, the photo cubes are ideal as decoration on your desk, the window sill or but also the living room floor of the photo cubes has also an additional seat. The photo cubes are completely manufactured in hand work; of the order about the design of the cube to the pressure on high-quality fabric and sewing together of the photo cube, all work in our Studio in London take place.

The photo cube is not only a creative and beautiful eye-catcher with the dice you can also play. Robust and practical Mother’s day gifts. 2 most women like handbag handbags. And that’s still a subtle understatement. Woman in jederGrosse needs handbags in every color and at all. Printed with beautiful family photos or personal but also squeezes by nature or cities created beautiful unique pieces, which are worn with pride. In different colors, materials and also sizes the matching purse is for all tastes.

In addition to the handbags, there are also travel bags, Eiunkaufstaschen, make-up bags, and many more bags. You can find ideal mother’s day gifts at our large selection of bags. 3. If a ceiling ceiling printed with a collage of the best photos of the family is the ultimate gift for mother’s day. Each blanket is made from double-layered fleece wonderfully cuddly and made loving crafted an incredible work of art. And this artwork also warms up and save some cold autumn age or the first fresh spring days in the garden… Easy to wash in the machine and then as new – a ceiling with photos is one of the best mother’s day gifts. The best mother’s day gifts with original photo gifts. Made with love.

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