Strategy Of Building Country Houses

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Circumstances that encourage residents of large cities to buy and build gardens on their summer houses, a lot, but most importantly, perhaps, the desire to spend summer vacation, a weekend in her suburban home, in the open air, among the flowers and trees. And you dream and make plans. However, the income of your limited, and put the whole amount at once, you can not. Given these conditions and based on their own professional experience, I would like to notify your venture a few suggestions. If site selection is a choice land, pay attention, except for cost, the following basic facts: – vehicle access – ensuring infrastructure (heat, gas, water, electricity, sewage) – environmental safety (proximity of industrial enterprises, agricultural production), – configuration, shape, orientation, land on both sides world – building on adjacent plots. Note that on a plot of 600 sq.

km. m can accommodate comfortably no more than 3 – 4 people. The planning study plot purchased. On the part of the terms you have already decided. We assume that the site rectangular in plan, orientation to the cardinal direction and preferred winds are known, there are roads, electricity and water-saving time will be, sewerage and never will be, imported gas. Will determine the principled development plan (if there is no binding in the village for the developers of the General Plan or detailed planning).

In order not to enter into conflict with the law and its neighbors, look at the Building Regulations: SNIP 2.30.97 Planning and construction of horticultural associations of citizens and buildings ', SNIP 2.08.01-89 * Residential' and SP II 106-97. According to these documents, all the buildings on its site, including business, you put on your own, but observing the following fire and urban demands. Garden House: a) the red line the streets – at least 5 m, and b) the red line of travel – not less than 3 m, c) from a nearby area – at least 3 m Country house of residence: a) a stone from a nearby stone – 6 m, and b) a stone from a nearby wood – 8-10 m, c) the wood from the nearby wood – 8-15 pm In addition, if your building is located to the east, south or west toward neighbor distance between them should not be less than the height of your home (up to the roof ridge).

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