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Similar to these, are the madeleines. Nor can we fail to mention the bavarois, Macaroni charlottes, eclair, croissants, Paris Brest and mousses, all of them known worldwide. At the regional level there are also classics of French pastry; so we have that in Alsace, one of the delicacies that can not miss is the brioche bread. Made of eggs, milk and butter it has a characteristic golden colour, and dried fruit sprayed by its exterior can add. As any type of bread, can be found in various forms, but the most traditional are the thread, bun-shaped stuffed vainilla. In Britain, you need to try the far breton. It is a cake soft and sparkling, similar to the egg custard or pudding. In some cases is added rum, brandy, or liqueur of peaches, and its most famous version is the forn farz, which bears apples or plums.

In the Loire Valley, famous also for its castles, each more stunning than the last, have a world-famous dessert: Tarte Tatin, the work of the sisters Caroline and Stephanie Tatin. Due to a lucky accident, a tart apples fell inverted on mold, with the fill down, and since then caramelized fruits are hidden under the dough, giving rise to one of the most delicious desserts of French gastronomy. Languedoc-Roussillon impossible to mention the famous creme brulee, which literally means burnt cream. Cream and caramel are its essential components; the cream can flavor with vanilla, chocolate, liquors or fruits and we already know that candy is achieved to melt or burn the sugar placed on the surface, with a pastry torch. It is common to see this dessert in flames, and although it may seem a little alarming, this is the way in which candy reaches its point fair. Whether it is a delicious loaf of brioche that melts in the mouth, an opera or a saint honore, French desserts turn a simple meal into a memorable occasion. So exclusive are, like the Chocolate macaroni recipe for this week. Until soon friends.

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