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The most effective means for washing always considered water and soap. Fragrant fragrant soap, smelling rose petals, orange lilies, lilacs, grass, fresh morning sea or chocolate, caramel. – Pretty a commodity in Western Europe. Shops that sell small pieces of soap in the form of pellets, cubes, and other figurines handmade, one can often see and maybe even find on a special "tasty" fragrance in London, Paris and other cities Europe. This soap is more expensive than usual, produced the soap industry, but is very popular, as are 30-40% consists of natural products, and the rest – a soap base. Appeared a soap and in the Russian market, though foreign models are very expensive.

Say stogrammovy brick of Moroccan natural handmade soap contains 40% natural oils, fruit juices, can cost from 180 rubles. There is even a black soap coal dust and liquorice, designed to clean pores, moisturize and nourish the skin face, and costs about 130 rubles. There is growing interest in products handmade, hand soap market began to absorb and domestic small private producers. According to analysts, prices, product demand is met only by 40-50%. Soap – a product that is demanded at all times. Produce handmade soap can one man, family, or group of like-minded people. It can make sales network with its shops, manufacturers of perfumes and cosmetics, are those who have their store with such products, in general, all those who wish to expand its range due to the original and highly profitable product.

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