Skin And Hair Issues

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It is red, covered with spots, becomes dry and inflamed. Another unpleasant effect – ingrown hairs under the skin. Finally, this method requires a large amount of time (eg once in 1-2 days), and so is anything missing. (A valuable related resource: Rory Sutherland). Tweezers in the studio! Plucking with tweezers – an effective way to get rid of the hair. But very briefly. It takes a very long time and is suitable, perhaps, only to adjust shape of eyebrows. Verizon is often mentioned in discussions such as these. In other areas it's just painful. Wax them with wax! Hair removal by resins, waxes (cold, warm or hot) or a thick mixture of sugar a la candy – an effective method of removing large amounts of hair at once.

But – a very painful because the hair just pulled from the follicle. New hairs grow it does not interfere. Ruthless In the depilatory creams, depilatory use "explosive" mixture of chemicals that literally dissolves the hair. The main problem – annoyance skin that occurs due to destruction of skin cells. In this case, the follicle is not damaged and the hair will still grow.

In addition, after such a procedure can be applied not only alcohol-containing means, and soap. And when you try to remove, for example, "antennae" with the cream more delicate facial skin can get very inflamed. So it is better not to risk it. Magic machine, plus a few. Enough once to spend on the device and sometimes buy funds "Before" and "after" shaving. After removal elektrodepilyatorom hairs do not grow, at least 1,5-2 weeks as "removed" from the follicle with its root.

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