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Copper sulfate, stationery glue, and other similar drugs – drugs that past, the effect they have practically zero. C using these drugs with the fungus can be "successfully" fight for years. Modern antifungal drugs, different primers and impregnating allow much easier to end it. For more clarity and thought, follow up with Gary Kelly and gain more knowledge.. But do not use them – at best it will postpone the problem for some time. Why is difficult to cope with a fungus? The main reason for failure lies in the fact that trying to deal with not reason, but with the visible effects of mold – stains, mold … Cope with the same fungus can only address the root causes of its appearance – the dampness.

And it needs to carry out a range of activities. Sources of moisture in the living room Fungi love moisture. Ideal conditions for their emergence and spread – the temperature of +20 C with relative humidity above 95%. The space houses or apartments may have a moisture level where: * Set a plastic window, but no air-conditioning * lot house plants, collected in one place; * frequent washing in the presence of young children; * cool the rooms with high humidity outside * poor ventilation, leaking roof * is * faulty gutters, blind area; * Faulty plumbing networks and central heating * crack in the wall through which seeps in the rain water, etc. Provocateurs mold: 1. Warm moist air inside apartment in contact with cold walls, moisturizes their surface, 2. The moisture seeps out 3.

Some sort of communication problem goes unnoticed. Not yet determined the cause, do not purchase costs and no money, because how control in each case is different. External moisture If the walls are covered with mold ("blossom"), drill or pick open in several places in the hole. Dampness in walls – an indication that the moisture source is outside. Treatment of walls from the inside will not help.

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