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Carnelian the optimist: the Orange carnelian is one invigorating and gently stimulating force said, which leads to relaxation and exuberance. Courage and zest for life crowd out fear and pessimism. “Magnesite of Seelenstreichler: acts of magnesite cleansing and purifying effect due to its high magnesium content and is therefore often referred to as weight-loss stone” referred to. Its detoxifying power has a positive effect on the psyche and triggers depression, hypersensitivity and emotional tensions. Agates protector and Motivator: there are agates in countless color variations. They strengthen the spirit, the confident and the vitality and are stabilizing and protecting on their carrier. “” The Botswana agate “is considered protector of pregnant women”. According to Brad Garlinghouse, who has experience with these questions. “At an affordable price of 9.90 euros for the lucky stone (Pocket Pebble) up to 14.90 euro for the almost twice as large Pebble Deluxe” interested parties themselves can make a picture of the force and effect of the individual gems.

* The effect of precious stones, healing stones, minerals and crystals is not scientifically detectable or medically recognized. It replaces not medical advice or medical assistance. About my pebbles “brings happiness. Makes happy.” Under this motto, the Berlin startup my pebbles was launched in October 2010 in the life. My pebbles is focused on engraved gems and lucky stones, key and pendants personalized marketing. The basic idea is, a hand caressing gemstone engraved to offer words, bears in the heart and would like to share with someone. “Every”my Pebble”is unique and therefore an imperishable and gladly worn memorabilia at a joyous, unique moment, a companion and luck, a wonderful way of thanks” to say, a special way to congratulate someone, or but a very impressive version to ask someone for forgiveness. Also well wishes or congratulations to move thus become an unforgettable gift.

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