Recent Manipulations

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In compiling the list the most common manipulations in the negotiations for the bonus casting difficulties caused by the issue – which ones are most useful? As a result, classified on the basis of – the last time with them experienced himself. Top-5 will have the following. First, a demonstration of an affordable alternative – we, of course, you are working well, but here’s a company in the next office offers very favorable terms of delivery and payment. Are you prepared to offer us the same conditions? In almost every niche there is competition – and hence, there is a similar proposal. During the talks here so your opponent can try to get more concessions and discounts – he points to alternative to your suggestion that he may choose another company, and thus makes you even more to give, to make an offer more favorable.

How to resist? Evaluate own proposal adequately. If you are demonstratively show alternatives, so you just “dirty” traded, because otherwise would have long ago concluded an agreement with a competitor. It is not necessary to make such “arguments” in the calculation. Do not immediately same concessions – you also have a choice. Second, a concession by the prospects. Sometimes when establishing contact occurs, such manipulation: you are assured intention to establish a long and mutually beneficial cooperation, and ask for this under special conditions and concessions “to develop relations.” What to do? On the one hand, the long-term relationship is always beneficial and might be to build and develop.

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