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just can not drink on the plot privorotny need to prepare a love drink. Love a drink can be anything, it is important that your chosen one he liked. It can be tea, and juice, and wine. The main drop in a berry mountain ash, and then the well-read hex on him. This should be done after nine o’clock, but before midnight. Good heavens, the forces of wood, calling you for help, as I ask you to give me a spell of ethereal, spell red charms are perfect to could I, the servant of God (name), to link their sites servant of God (name), so these bonds are for eternity, that he had not broken them, he did not take off, so day and night about I’d only thought of me and would only missed.

And as a drink spill down his krovushke, and his flare and passion in his heart. Red ash – a life in God’s slaves (name), and the servant of God (name) will be a Raspberries. From now and forever. Amin.Zagovory privorotnye on dough The first plot is done so in the dough to put a magnet, and the yeast before you dismiss them in the test, you need to tell a story: I get up I, the servant of God (name), bless, marry, crossing from the hut, but in the yard, the yard to let east, east is holy sea-ocean, on the sea, the ocean is a palace, the palace lived a blacksmith uncle. I bow to Uncle, uncle, I pray that: “As you Kuyosh and binds with iron, steel or prick and weld the servant of God (name) to me, Rabe God (name) to the heart to the heart, the blood in the blood, and that night and day, and in autumn and winter, so that when the red sun and a clear month.

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