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When heated to a temperature of 160 200c ink transferred to the gaseous state (bypassing the liquid) and penetrate the surface of the product, forming a strong chemical bonds. Thus, the image that is transferred from by sublimation, more resistant to abrasion and mechanical damage. Special requirements for materials, which is carried out dye-sublimation thermal transfer, in contrast to, for example, screen printing, no. Image carries over to everything that has a flat surface and can withstand temperatures of 160 degrees and pressure of about 6 atm. This may be ceramics, textiles, plastics, wood, glass, leather, metal, etc. This is one of the the main advantages of the sublimation thermal transfer to other types of printing. Ie form the final souvenir – depends on your imagination – opportunities abound! However, in thermal transfer printing has its own Limitations: Printing is possible only if the material items covered by a special polymer to ensure a process of sublimation.

This coating is applied to the manufacturing plants of mugs, plates, tiles, metal, etc. has high quality and uniformly distributed over the entire surface of the object. Using the sublimation transfer is widespread and has enjoyed success in various companies such as: advertising agencies, photo studios, gift shops, some retail stores, etc. The advantages of dye sublimation printing: The image has a high quality, long lasting even when machine washable; Ability to manufacture small circulation, without any cost; The process of sublimation thermal transfer takes fastest time; Print full-color image; A small start-up capital; The process of sublimation thermal transfer is not very much time; From the above we can conclude – that the dye sublimation printing is ideal for making small runs of products (up to 100 pcs.). Under these circulations by contacting the company using sublimation method image transfer, you will certainly save you spent in production facilities. In this article we reviewed the main types of printing on souvenirs such as mugs, plates, shirts, etc. Also, more stopped on the sublimation printing technique, as one of the most promising in this direction. We hope that our article was interesting and useful for you.

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