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Dangers and specifics on kitchen planning how to properly plan a kitchen and what special features & obstacles you may encounter. From the very beginning properly plan to build a kitchen safely it is necessary to consider when the design and harmoniously combine the realities in the region, as well as the own wishes and demands. Especially with electricity and water, care must be taken and you should place no kitchen, run at the outlets or power lines under the water line. In households with children you plan so that drawers for cutlery and knife block so spent, that they be stored out of reach for children. In the kitchen Studio, to assist guests with planning and brings in the concept of core competence and innovation. Kitchen appliances & water Strombetriebene should be placed always in sufficient distance from the sink kitchen appliances.

Even with extreme caution, you can not avoid water drops in the toaster to come or run in open distribution outlets. To To prevent fires and get no electric shock during the operation of kitchen appliances and water and electricity must be always locked and planned in the attached distance from each other. Remember always the own carelessness which were favored accidents and some house fires caused. For countertops made of wood, they ensure that these may not be softened and so no longer stable and safe from the water. There are a lot of possible fires any fires in the kitchen. Place flammable items far away from heat and ensure that dishtowels or devices made of plastic with the hot stove plate in contact will come.

Smoldering fires can also be caused, there by careless handling a short circuit in electrical equipment with water. Always pull the plug if you do not use a device and leave unsupervised connected to the mains supply it. In households with gas stove, you need to bear in mind always the open fire and bring more caution than in a electric stove. The connection of the herds should be performed only by the specialized technician. Kitchen appliances and kitchen appliances who sets up a new kitchen can draw on a large number of shops, to buy the right kitchen. Among other things, you can buy kitchen cheap items and complete facilities at IKEA or at Inova. Here there are usually all useful items such as crockery, cutlery, pots etc. The correct electrical appliances for the kitchen, you can both shop at major retailers such as Media Markt and Saturn, or you can access online offerings such as Amazon or eBay. What kitchen appliances have a good price performance ratio and how this may have cut off in tests you on read. Children should leave infants alone in the kitchen in the kitchen in any case. Also if the stove out and only still slightly warm, can be the plate change to a child to severe burns and severely hurt. Electrical equipment are to be separate from the power supply and to exclude as a potential source of danger. In children, a stove with parental controls is best because it excludes the apartment fires by a knob on the stove upside in the game. Supervision is paramount here and your child needs to learn that may without your supervision in the kitchen and a kitchen is by no means an adventure playground for children. Source of image: – 000017965184XSmall – YinYang

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