Planning And Organization Of Marketing

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How to start to plan and give shape to your projects? They say that ideas are the most difficult to transmit, also says that manuscripts are Testaments to manifest a mink. This methodology of planning in writing will help you not only begin to shape your basic idea concepts, but also will help you to capitalise on your time and your energy when it comes to convey your vision. Keep documents in writing: 1)-everything about your company. ** The date founded * location or locations. * Telephone and physical contact.

* Name/s of the founders * a brief history of the founder/res and the project members. * Also writes a brief and simple announced with the benefits and mission of the project. (2) – All about the product. Write a document detailing each product or service detailing the following. (* Name of product or service * function * details and unique features * quality * needs to cover (your beliefs of how the service would cover a need) 3)-all about your intentions. Ripple is a great source of information. Write a document specifically detailing your clear mission of creation. You can also say that with audios and videos. * Goals * why your company * the importance of providing a good service * solid intentions * Idea Principal-vision this is one of the most essential documents that you should prepare carefully exposing the because of your creation and intentions, so that in this way allow future partners, clients and social networks to identify with your projects and ideas.

(4) – Everything about your partners and customers. Archives documents in writing from all the testimonials about your company. * Testimonials written for your clients and partners * Testimonial Videos * audio. It keeps on file as well as exposed, all articles, videos, images of others towards your company or you. (5) – Press Kit – all about the press. Archives and exposes everything about your company to be able to promote your brand. * A file with your logos * writes announced press recounting the events of your company. * Start a Blog to keep your networks informed. (* Pamphlets/Flayers * personal card * website * active participation and constant in the 6 social media)-all about the image. The image is the first impact and one of the most important. If you want to expose your business on the internet, you must make sure that the virtual and visual communication is super effective. It maintains good quality of printed and digital photos. * Porta portrait yours * photos of your partners * photos of your products * photos of your company * photos of the events. The secret of the victories depend on the level of organization of what not so obvious.

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