Paris Cards

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In the middle of the 19th s a French photographer named Andre Adolphe Eugene installed in Paris the largest Photo Studio which was known until then. Through the technique of daguerreotype (through which translates into a silver surface the desired image) initiated its business which quickly led him to discover another technique that was the print photos with a single negative, which had a great success on the market due to the decrease in the cost of prints of the imagesas well as that within the plates in which an image was previously printed, this technique could introduce around ten. In this way what was done was that they took photos that were subsequently cut and hit another card of cardboard measuring approx 9 cm. in length by 6 cm. wide, which were known as cartes de visit. One of the best-known works and which became famous this character was that it portrayed mid-century Napoleon III and you He designed his business cards, which gave him fame and prestige in the rest of Europe. In this way, well-to-do printed several of his photographs and signed them and expressed their data on them, which were used as what we currently know as business cards.

In Mexico the success of these cards also was seen, although as you might expect they did time after that in Europe they were already in practically every corner. It was not until the beginning of the 20th century that these cards began to be marketed, and due to its great demand was necessary to install many photo studios in major cities to be able to meet the demand that acquired in such a short time. These photographic studies printed in photographs the name and address of the study, and subsequently this picture was pasted on cardboard as a business card. Regularly some messages were written on the back of the cardboard as a dedication. In these photographs on a regular basis There was background any scenery or scenery that much had to do with the time or well scenery to make appear the character in a scenario in which it was not. This way to see old letters of presentation can be in some way for some details of the era.

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