Panama Canal

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Washington intensively promoted the exploration of the then unknown and promising West. Jefferson doubled the American territory with the Louisiana Purchase and sent explorers to find a route to the Pacific, which promoted the colonization of the West and, eventually, the obtaining of Texas and of the huge territory that belonged to Mexico until 1848. Lincoln maintained the cohesion of the Union and Roosevelt built the Panama Canal, which was fulfilled the dream of having an interoceanic trade route.17 In conclusion, the relationships among living things turns out to be powerfully similar to the human beings, and more specifically to international relations; It is perhaps, the reason why, USA.UU. It has a predatory behavior in the international system. EU, has always been, is, and will be in search of a new dam, and at the same time, maintain their prey increasingly subjugated old (as a farmer with their chickens, which first raised them, and then eat them), and squeeze them little by little, to thus become the most fearsome predator of the international system. .

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