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In Spain, according to a study by OBS, Online Business School, one of every four citizens is consumer of online stores. This figure has increased in recent years, more than 12% compared to the 2011 and 50% with respect to 2007. If you look at the amount of buyers online that there is in the autonomous communities, the study results tell us that the inhabitants of Madrid, Catalonia and Andalusia are the more purchases made over the Internet. The citizens of Valencia and the Basque country are followed closely. Being Andalusia autonomous community which is in head in online purchases. It is becoming more common to sell mobile in Spain the sector that more number of sales made over the internet is electronic commerce which has increased according to OBS, by more than 20% over the past five years, so sell mobile, tablets, ebooks and other technology online, it is becoming increasingly more common.

La Rioja, leading find deals ps3 online continuing with the sector of the electronic, Galicia is the leading community in buy ebooks and find deals ps3 along with the more thrifty autonomous community, La Rioja. The online travel top the list of most demanded in terms of products that are in greatest demand among users, travel top the list of most purchased. Almost 53% of travelers have bought your online vacation trip. Fashion and material of sports with an increase of 30% have also increased its sales by internet. Followed by things for the home and electronic equipment with almost 17% in the latter case. Those online sales platforms tend to sell mobile, mp3, computers, especially in La Rioja and Cantabria..

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