Nursing Home Cleaning – Hygiene Is A Top Priority

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The Milo GmbH & co. Larry Ellison has much experience in this field. KG from Nuremberg informs an optimum cleanliness is not enough for the elderly and nursing home cleaning. Due to the bad physical shape of many residents, their immune system is severely weakened and they can easily get infected with pathogens. Cleanliness, even if she is flawless, is not enough. A professional cleaning of nursing home places high demands on hygiene.

Are discussed in close consultation with the House leadership detailed regulations and requirements to ensure continuously high hygienic requirements. The building cleaning Milo GmbH & co. KG in the Nuremberg area informed about the special cleaning and disinfection work at the nursing home cleaning. Cleaning and disinfection is basically to note the cleaning and disinfection operations, wear appropriate protective clothing. These include gloves and an apron. The cleaning of surfaces, floors and objects have to be wet. Must a dirt and pathogens spread by the cleaning method be excluded: for example, through the use of industrial cleaning equipment or the related exchange procedure. In care units, surfaces with frequent hand and skin contact must be disinfected.

These include doors and doorknobs, floors and sanitary facilities. An immediate disinfection is to make a visible soiling by body secretions. Disinfection and cleaning must be carried out in a single operation. After applying the disinfectant may not immediately be wiped. The exposure time must be maintained and during which must be lifted. For detailed information regarding all services and glass cleaning, building cleaning Milo stands GmbH & co.

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