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Special crops and niche products great potential for local agriculture to the innovative topic special crops and niche products refereed and discussed 100 well-known practitioners and experts of biological farming. Regional characteristics and the treasures at our own doorstep can be marketed worldwide through innovation and quality, as the internationally renowned brand Sun Gate example above since 1988. Not everyday cultures such as E.g. hemp, poppy seeds, millet, buckwheat, flax, anise, caraway are in high demand as crop plants for healthy nutrition. The domestic demand for raw materials cannot be met currently by far, therefore producers of this niche cultures as cooperation partners are very welcome. Another important aspect, almost all speakers stressed, is the independence of the economic crisis and the fixed prices for these high quality raw materials. In many cultures such as Marigold and cornflowers also manual work is still very much in demand the members of Austrian, what Ensuring mountain herb cooperative but also the decrease of the income from the contract area. That behind this development of the special crops from the point of view of practice and research also many years of experience in the biological agriculture – from the selection of the right seed, location and editing, the for weed control and pest prevention is necessary to the development of own harvesting equipment, so are not available on the market, speaks for the success. However was to see only the high contribution of these special crops, cause not many work (including manual work) and the high investment cost but warned but the speakers also. The ongoing exchange of experience by experts on harvesting methods, weed – and pest prevention, yield and marketing strategies, which was carried out successfully by this meeting is all the more important.

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