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How you can keep the motivation to really achieve your goals maybe you know that too? There are your own target that you want to make love to it. Maybe a financial goal, you want to remove, find a new partner – or you want to just get your relations to other people in your life on a different level. You start and everything is going well. But comes the time where you you can pick up not so properly. Where you put out one day, then another…

and suddenly the target far away is gone away from… What can you do to keep the endurance, so you can carry your goals? Here you will find practical tips that you can implement immediately and apply in your life: goals secret 1: remember the advantages! Still remember why you made along the way, to make that goal come true? What was it you wanted to do? What advantages does it for you, if you do, what to do? Remember the good side! 🙂 If for example your own target is, each morning 30 minutes early to get up than in the past, then you can think of this thing, how tired you will – be as knockout that makes you, if you get up earlier. You’re thinking but also on this thing, how well does you, this 30 minutes to have more for you. Simply because you really have the time for the meditation / sports / the talk with your partner. Remember how good it feels when you really can do all these things. If you’re so once again stuck in a low stamina, then remember what advantages it has to be on the way to your destination. 🙂 Goals secret 2: let yourself be inspired. If you hang out again, then read inspiring stories and / or books by people who have struggled through tough times.

Read a good book – perhaps even by one of your idols – and get inspired by their perseverance. You’ll notice that these people, just like you, have doubted. They had your phases where they prefer just about threw would have. But they have moved on. And just so you can continue. “It’s not bad, if you give up on the way to the top – as long your feet continue to run.” Goals secret 3: more fun with get into it! 🙂 We often abandon on our way to the finish, because what we do / would need little or no fun at all makes. But this must not be. You can find always a way how you can connect what to do with more joy. If you go for example running, because you want to go, take that off and you will find no real fun, then consider how you could make it more exciting. You could hear an audiobook while running – or your favorite music. Or you could run a different route each time. Or are you looking for someone who walks with you, with which you can chat on the way. Find a way, to have more fun with, what to do!

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