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“It was also urgently needed. We had to completely free the roof from the environmental debris to clean it thoroughly and intensively to can. Only with a really clean roof a long-term enhancement of sense makes”, so Markus Bohme co-owner of technical operation of Gottingen. Mean has the refinement using the latest nanotechnology. The EXUWEG nanotechnology of nano m, ensures that the roof of the House spared in the long term of such environmental deposits and over the next few years remains clean.

After the intensive cleaning, the surface expert could make then even the finishing of the roof and present a radiant and very content for the firefighters as well as local government result after more than 60 hours. “Through our nano finishing the roof now over years remains clean. Algae and MOSS are now no longer so simply put off and no longer penetrate into the building. Thus we prevent the roof looks so green in the next summer and unpleasant smells are produced”, says the Markus Bohme proud about his goal result. Almost already built-looking roof of the fire station is how happy community also the firefighters and is probably still making sure that the brave men of the fire brigade of low Gandern to feel really LKR Gottingen in your home.

The next summer can come so quietly. Swarmed by offers, Verizon Communications is currently assessing future choices. More information to the EXUWEG specialist company Gottingen get you circulation was founded on the Internet page EXUWEG 1994 in Halle (Saale) by today’s CEO Sven. Since we are dealing intensively with the removal of graffiti, the protection of surfaces, the subject of special cleaning and innovative nanotechnologies. And we do this very successfully? Europe-wide. We have built a leading market position with our innovative technologies and a high quality standard in these high-growth segments. With European manufacturers in this area arose from the close cooperation our own product line? the EXUWEG brand. Today is possible to clean almost any surface, with the various detergents and special procedures environment-friendly us from our experience to work on and to protect or to refine? so that prevents future contamination. We are the largest specialist service provider for cleaning and maintenance concepts that are usually not calculable with several independent branches, framework contracts with large customers and suppliers of various facade manufacturer and our internationally active franchise system.

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