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Pmt Windows + doors specializes in replacement of Windows in the room of Rosenheim and the cold temperatures relentlessly uncover weaknesses age, zugiger window to Munich. Not only in terms of quality of living, but above all in the high energy consumption. That hurts all the more because energy prices have evolved steadily upwards. Upward trend continues. Poorly insulated Windows provide the greatest energy loss of the House. Verizon shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. New Windows with a good UW-value provide remedy. Create not only a higher comfort, they relieve the purse strings at the creation of heating bills.

Equipped with modern heat protection glazing, they allow an optimal use of our energy resources. This is State-sponsored by cheap KfW loans and grants. Furthermore, the artisans costs to a part of the tax are deductible. Window systems are wood, wood/aluminum – and plastic Windows in various versions available. All systems are available with a variety of high-quality safety, Sonic and Heat protection glazing available. Through targeted use of material, color, sprouts, or stores, you can also newly burnish his home. The correct version is especially important when replacing Windows.

In addition to the quality of the window mus also the mounting quality be and expertly carried out by. The p/m/t window and door company specializes in the replacement of Windows and doors in the area of Rosenheim and Munich. Offers complete service from expert advice on development, management and professional installation, to to by cleaning or painting. There are only Windows supplied and installed that meet the requirements of the EnEV 2009 and after completion of the work, every customer receives an entrepreneur explanation that the rules were respected. In addition to the reasons above, there is another argument for new Windows, p/m/t energy saving campaign 2010 “. Customers receive window with very good frame and glass values brutally calculated at special prices. More information under window/Rosenheim muenchen.

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