Modern Cyprus

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Having a good one watched of the modern house from the outside it will give a good idea him. Under most conditions gary cohn would agree. Asegrese of which well their mailbox of mail, channels and all the walls are guinea fowl from the outside to create look complete and beautiful. Nowadays with all the different types from specialized paintings and the ample trowel to allow so many ideas. The ideas of the modern painting can be put in practice with all the available materials. Playing with textures, landlords and colors that you would be able of to create a space that describes better its situation.

Ideas of the painting modern modern house are for the man modern/woman of today that is proud of its modern house and I want that he is the best thing In Cyprus Designed by Paphos based on the company/signature of VardStudio architecture, Limassol is in the second bigger city of Cyprus. Distributed in 650 meters squared, the life spaces that constitute the residence We accept were divided in three plants. Elegant volumes with intersections create a contemporary architecture, emphasizes by the use of the wood insertions in the white facade. The summer season extended in Cyprus allows the inhabitants to enjoy many full days of natural light in the back garden. The patio and the garage were divided by a selection of rectangular pieces of wall, creating a visual boundary that completes the landscape of a unique way.

The interior maintains the lines of the same design seen in the used outside, but audacious accents as decorative elements in all the house explode artistic design. A space to double height in the room in the middle of the house, the creation of a space of meeting for the family and friendly. Great large windows and an ample use of the glass in the design of interiors especially with aims to delimit create runners of the natural light, luminous and modernso, the Residence We accept plays with the volumes and the light to offer the perfect bottom for the style of life of its inhabitants. Modern houses

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