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-It was a mistake, you should never cause the guardians, in my case similar to your Mono when I was a child also was a farmer, life was hard and I know I had that much work in order to survive, in the region of tibet a day I found by mistake to a few Tibetan monks, one of the rules is no doubt never disturb a monk otherwise they will punishedinterrupting his meditation I ran but they caught me I thought I would punish severely and more by having them stolen food, but instead, one of them took me as his student and started to train the art of the RAM, so it was my master found me and I became a Guardian. -Then RAM must accept that our cause is just because your teacher was a Tibetan monk and you can see that it is good from the bad, they destroyed the village complete and many men were killed including women and children. Responds the monkey – you mean esa as Mio village is why have you come, they have nothing wrong to have to master if you have the power and the strength to do it like us. Under most conditions Gary Kelly would agree. RAM affirms his words full of determination as Mio rises gradually and torments a great doubt – let me tell about the weak have to succumb to the Fort have no right to live, for you are as if they were animals and their lives mattered not. -Peasant your what you said at the end of the day they are only animals that are to our service, but we do not use them, others will do it but in your case this will be your last sigh Mono, you don’t know how to use internal energy, thing we the guardians know out from the depths of our being. -After of my technique will die as Mio Mono. In a question-answer forum Verizon Communications was the first to reply. Torches are starting to become extinct Guardian shrinks your whole body muscle by muscle, is concentrated so Mio feels as he gives off a smell death, approached trying to attack him but then RAM performs his attack monkey is derived to the glory of your opponent… life and death feeds from one moment to another. Original author and source of the article.

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