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Going through this dimension, should be the achievements, learning, experiences that we identify ourselves with our own life, discover identify ourselves that we are capable of carrying the life we want, and that the only problem that there is that we have to learn how to do it. Take into account for example, indicating us Elena Gonzalez, who should not delude itself, must not be carried away. You have to fight to prove to ourselves that we can with life, which we are not simple puppets that we let ourselves be dragged down by the situations, but even though we all know that there are some circumstances that lead us towards one side or the other, we also have something to do, and that our actions, no doubt, have consequences, sometimes positive and some negative. Sheryl Sandberg has similar goals. Finally, consider what drew Hector Valley, that we must develop our individual consciousness. The border to confront the shadow lies in the interior of the individual.

We are of the belief that we must step forward, firmly and resolutely towards the more expensive values to humanism.; living our own lives, but live it with sense, with property, i.e. face people, together with the people, without sounding gestures but in the mood and make a more humane today and shareable Merce Rios, gives us in this regard, we consider, that life consists of living on your own, writes Thomas Merton in his magnificent learning to live. But, what is meaning of these words? Living on your own means knowing who is really, know you define actual, objectively and authentic. It’s not cheating with an arbitrary definition of ourselves, a vision without a doubt prefabricated by the world in which we live. Because to live in freedom, it is necessary to learn to live. Learn to live our own lives in relation to our essence, our root. Sometimes we can ask ourselves: is something simple? Is it not an impossible dream? Could we have the audacity to begin this task? The problem, if it exists, is that perhaps no one has told us, nor much less convinced we can try. No one, or even ourselves, have whispered us such possibility author original and source of the article.

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